Frequently Asked Questions

We do not sell samples, but we are happy to include those that we do have available in your order. We often get samples from the manufactures and sometimes we make them up ourselves (which explains why some may look a little "homemade"). If you have a specific sample or type of product (ex. a cream or after shave) that you would like to try, please feel free to add that note in the comment section of the order. We cannot guarantee we will be able to provide exactly what you are looking for, but we always do our best.

We do not store credit card information and so cannot make those type of adjustments to your account. However, if you would like to add to your order, you may re-order your items (and add what you would like) and we can simply cancel and refund the original order. Please let us know if this is what you would like to do so we can make the necessary changes to your order.

The most common issue is if the billing address you provided us with does not match that of your credit card's billing address (please double check for any typos). The second most common cause is international banks, which don't support the fraud system our credit card processor uses. For international orders, we recommend you check out through Paypal to avoid this problem. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or questions related to payment.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a completely accurate ETA on when an item will be delivered to us, as they often become back ordered at the manufacturer or get held up in Customs, which delays our re-stocking process. In the mean time, though, we suggest you place yourself on the waiting list (if you haven't done so already) so we can notify you via e-mail as soon as the product comes in. Just click on the "notify me" link next to the product availability information. This does not commit you to purchasing the product; it's only to inform you of when it is available, so you will have the option of ordering it. Simply click on red the “Put me on the Waiting List” rectangular icon on the product's individual web-page, and fill out the necessary information.

For your security, we do not. Thus, the reason you continually have to punch in those numbers when completing your order with us--for your personal identity safety. ;)

There are some general things to know about brush shopping. There are various types of hair-- synthetic, boar, horse, and badger. The main thing to understand is that badger hair varies a lot in the quality and the price. Of course, all the manufacturers are going use different terms to describe the different grades, just to keep you guessing...but you will see that we have them broken down in grades of hair under each brand. You will notice when looking at the prices that within the brand as the price goes up so does the quality of the hair. The brush softness may also depend on if you are looking to use creams more (softer is fine) or if you want to use soaps (you may want a little more structure in the bristles to gather more soap). We are always happy to help you maneuver the maze and stay within your budget.